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Bluetooth Vinyl Speaker

Bluetooth Vinyl Speaker

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  • Blend of Nostalgia and Modernity: Our Bluetooth speaker seamlessly integrates the timeless appeal of retro vinyl record players with cutting-edge technology. Its vintage-inspired design adds a nostalgic charm to any space, making it a unique and stylish addition to your home.

    Immersive Experience: The WAVES vinyl player combines tranquility and innovation with quality sounds and a transparent water ripple turntable, harmoniously blending elements of nature and technology.

    Ambient Lighting: Elevate your listening experience with the WAVES Retro Record Player's adjustable ambient lighting. Featuring RGB, breathing, and continuous modes, this feature adds a touch of elegance to any room, creating the perfect atmosphere for enjoying your favorite music.

    Versatile Connectivity: This multi-functional record player allows for seamless Bluetooth connection to your phone, and includes a headphone jack for private listening, ensuring you can enjoy your music however and wherever you want.

    Portable and Convenient: Despite its retro-style design, the WAVES vinyl record player is compact and lightweight, allowing you to take your favorite music with you anytime, anywhere. Enjoying the perfect blend of style and convenience.

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